INTERNATIONAL DEBT COLLECTION - out-of-court debt recovery

The quickest option for debt collection is out-of-court debt recovery!

You are alert on increasing number of past-due recievables! You know it is harder and harder to achieve a success in debt collection! We suggest that you contact our debt recovery agency on time, because in this way you will allow faster and more effective debt collection!

Important: We always suggest that the creditors try first to get the payments for claims with out-of-court debt collection.

In this way, compared with the court debt collection, you can save money by not paying court fees and other court costs and achieve the same effect: The payment of open claims!

Our specialized and effective out-of-court debt collection allows to ...

  • Obtain faster payment for your overdue receivables
  • In this way you can determine whether it is rational to start court collection!
  • You can keep business relationship with your customers/debtor - our debt recovery is respectful, but still effective!
  • Lawyers usually charge lawyers' fees whether they are successful in collecting money or not. Our debt collection fee is based on NO-WIN-NO-FEE option*.
  • We also collect legal late interests. Therefore you increase your claim and might collect your debts with minimizing your cost!

* Our debt collections fees are paid only in case of a successful recovery. Commissions depends on the credit rating of each claim separately.

International debt collection: Please check the coverage of our company HERE -> Coverage

A debt collection service includes:

  • Immediate start of activities after accepting individual case
  • Communication with debtors through different communication channels (phones, emails, SMS, social media, etc.)
  • Skip tracing
  • Reportings
  • Monitoring

What do we need to initiate cooperation?

  • Signed contract of cooperation
  • Information about debtors and claims
  • Documents confirming the existence of receivables

To help you describe your claims go to the Receivable Form