Have we contacted you to make your payment? Have we sent you a written notice of the collection action?

If you have received any debt collection letter or a phone call you may do the following:

1. Settle your debt

This is for sure the most acceptable solution to your problem since you will avoid all further costs and default interest rates that increase on daily basis. Focus on more peaceful issues in your lives.


2. Are you disputing the amount incurred i.e. the debt ?

Should you believe that the debt amount is wrong or that you owe nothing, notify us immediately and provide the reasons for said. At Converta, we will promptly analyze your objections and provide help upon resolving the dispute. If you do not do so, we will initiate further action that will definitely result in additional costs and inconveniences therefore do not delay sending the notification.


3. You admit the debt is in existence however you are unable to settle it

If you are not able to immediately settle the whole debt there is a possibility of arranging the payment in installments or we can come up with another appropriate solution after checking your indications. In order to dos so, you have to contact us right away.


4. Do nothing

Do nothing is the easiest thing you can do however such a decision may result in huge problems. We do not wish to file a court proceeding against you but it is possible that this will remain as the only option. If we cannot find a mutual solution, if you refuse to answer phone calls, respond to letters or you avoid all contacts, it is for sure that a court collection procedure will be initiated. Due to the lack of your response additional costs will be incurred and you will have to pay them as well. In such cases you may face issues with getting your salary, your transfer accounts will be blocked, your credit rating will be affected therewith it will be difficult for you to obtain loans or what is worse you will lose your property.


Do nothing is the worst thing to do, so contact us TODAY: +386 1 432 32 00


Send us an e-mail: info@converta.si


Inform us of your suggestion for solving the issue.

Based on what has already been said, it is obvious that there are more solutions to each problem (this does not mean that all of them are the right ones) therefore call us as soon as possible. If you have any further questions please fill in and send us the following form.