Converta d.o.o. is a specialized international debt collection agency. We are also the one of the largest debt management companies in Slovenia, EU. Because of increase of problems with overdue receivables, our company has focused and specialized to support you with our debt recovery services worldwide. Our main professional services are:


Our professional company has extensive experience and knowledge of problems with overdue claims and can support small, middle sized and large companies. Our clients are:

  • Utility companies;
  • Building managers;
  • Public institutions;
  • Insurances,
  • Child welfare institutions and schools;
  • Banks and leasing companies;
  • Trading houses;
  • Professional associations and large societies;
  • Telecommunications companies;
  • Electrical distributors;
  • Cable operators and Internet service providers.


A lot of companies have already entrusted our agency Converta d.o.o.. They trust in our success and our expertise in solving their problems with unpaid invoices. Send us a requirement for our services!


Our experiences?

  • More than 10 years of experience in debt collection services and debt recovery
  • Experience with tens of thousands of cases, but still keep personal approach
  • Currently we work on hundreds of claims in court procedures (enforcement and litigation)
  • Successful completion of thousands of cases
  • We can collect your debt also abroad (Croatia, Bosna and Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, EU and other countries)


With years of experience in debt collection services worldwide, we offer high quality services and successful collection techniques. We have already been successful in processing outstanding claims worth millions of dollars. Our collection experience is various. We collect debt arising from loans, leasings, unpaid services or goods, insurance reimbursement cases, etc..

Our objective is to improve your business. Our experts can consult you upon developing effective collection strategies.



competitive advantages of Converta d.o.o. are:


  • High quality solutions that suit you best
  • Various service payment possibilities
  • Quick response times
  • Financial and business consulting
  • Knowledgeable, experienced and educated employees who cooperate and offer optimal solutions for you.


We work in cooperation with recognized experts both in our country and abroad.


Advantages with our cooperation!

  • Reduce number of debtors
    • Spend less time on collecting receivables
      • Improve cash flow and liquidity
        • Increase your profitability
          • Reduce write-off of receivables
            • Support of a sales department with usable information
              • Lower business costs
                • Downsize administrative tasks
                  • Increase overview of receivables