Why us?

Converta d.o.o. with specialized debt recovery skills combines modern services with acceptable fees, tradition, current trends and efficient approach, ensuring full-scale services with efficient and professional performance.

We give our best to develop additional values for you relying on:

  • Provision of a full service offer with acceptable fees for outstanding service quality
  • Individual solutions and services that will save you time searching for excelent solutions
  • Innovative ideas and services
  • Quality service delivery

We deliver full-scale services and follow the principle that our client should receive most for their money invested.

Our advantages:

  • We take individual cases
  • We work with local experts in each country
  • Start collecting your payments today

You delivered goods, submitted an invoice and you still haven't been paid?

  • You do not want to spoil your business cooperation and disable further placement of orders with your client?
  • Does the collection of receivables by phone or other contacts make you feel uncomfortable?
  • Does the time difference cause you troubles and issues?
  • You don't know any good lawyer in a country where debtor is located?

What can you do?

A great number of unpaid invoices may cause obstacles in your business operations. Converta d.o.o. has more than 10 years of experience in international debt collection. We can proceed in timely manner, efficiently, professionally, using knowledge and experience in the field of accounts receivable.

Call us over phone + 386 59 077 086 or send us e-mail: info@converta.si to get more info about our services.