About us

Uncollected receivables?


You have outstanding claims and your debtors are unable or are refusing to settle their dues? You would like to collect your money but you do not know how? Have you noticed that each year you write off a great portion of your receivables?

We will help you turn these problems into your cash!


Bad payment discipline?

Bad payment discipline is currently a wide spread issue and only few people know how to collect payments. Complicated and expensive court proceedings go in favor of debtors who then delay or most commonly never clear their overdues. Due to uncollected receivables you may find yourself delaying your own payments.


With more than 10 years of experience in accounts receivable, we offer high quality services and successful collection techniques. We have already solved debt collection cases worth millions of dollars around the world. Our collection experience is various. We have been solving cases from legal and natural persons whose debt arise from loans, leasings, unpaid services, insurance reimbursements, etc..

Our objective is to participate in improving your day to day business operations. Our experts will consult you upon developing effective collection strategies, taking into account details of your business operations.

When we collect outstanding debt, we follow ethical and legal standards.

With our information technology support, you can be promptly informed about debt recovery status. Please, send us your inquiry now!



CONVERTA d.o.o. competitive advantages:

• High quality and solutions that suit you best
• Various service payment possibilities considering the result
• Quick adjustments to market changes
• Servicing clients according to their available time
• Possibility of financial, economic and legal consulting
• Knowledgeable, experienced and educated employees who cooperate and offer optimal solutions to the clients

We cooperate with recognized financial and legal experts both in our country and abroad.



Why choose Us?

• Reduce number of debtors
• Less time spent on collecting receivables
• Improve cash flow and liquidity
• Greater profitability
• Reduce write-off of receivables
• Support sales departments with usable information
• Lower business costs
• Less administrative tasks
• Greater performance of individuals in the company
• Greater overview of receivables