Are you in a contacts with a new business partner and you don’t know a lot about them? Are you wondering if they are financially strong enough to pay your goods, services or to fulfill their obligations? Is a new partner fully incorporated in its country of origin? You can find answers on such questions by our company.

Why Converta?

  • Present around the globe – you can receive information about businesses with international credit reports for companies from more than 110 countries around the world;
  • Reports made by our reliable partners with more than 40 years of experience in credit reports
  • Competitive prices – for a reasonable low price you can check information about your potential client;
  • Avoid non-payment troubles –check the financial strength of your client before deciding to do business;
  • Make business decisions easier – you can make easier decision for cooperation with a new potential client or not;
  • Limit your risk – you will lower risks for not being paid for your services;
  • Know your customers – if you know your customers, you will be able to make a quicker and easier decision to avoid any troubles which could appear.

You need more reasons why should you start to cooperate with us?

  1. If you need a company that is specialized for debt and credit management;
  2. To avoid hassle searching appropriate partners around the world for debt collection, court debt collection or business credit reports
  3. You would like to work only with one reliable partner;
  4. Now you can focus on your core business, we shall handle your debtors;
  5. You shall reduce number of your debtors;
  6. Save your time and your money.

We serve you with worldwide credit reports!