We offer professional and full-scale services customized to meet your needs and wishes.
We can support you with debt recovery (out-of-court and court debt collection) in Slovenia, Europe and other countries around the globe.

Why Converta

Converta d.o.o. is a specialized debt recovery agency! With high skills in debt collection field!

We can help you for reduction the number of your bad debts!


  • NO-COLLECT-NO-FEE option
  • Reduce number of debtors
  • Less time spend on collecting receivables
  • Improved cash flow and liquidity
  • Higher profitability and lower business costs
  • Less administrative tasks and greater overview

Most recent

Since Converta is innovative and different, we have collected all information on accounts receivable and compulsory settlement you might be interested in.

Excellent offer and expertise in one place! We have made a full range of accounts receivable services available to you.


Why us?

  • More than 10 years of experience in managing unpayed receivables
  • More than 5 years of experience in purchasing past-due receivables
  • Experience in managing thousands of bad debts
  • Experience in managing thousands of compulsory settlement cases and disputes

Member of Credit Services Association UK  

We handle international bad debt collection of receivables in various fields of interest, particularly finance, insurance, trade, logistics, etc.
We pursue cooperation with recognized experts both in our country and abroad. COVERAGE of international debt collection




Have you found yourself in a situation you cannot get out of?

You have accounts receivable?

Our experienced experts will help you solve your problems with their strategic approach and full-scale solutions.





Why Converta?

We apply all tools and available resources enabling us to offer you high quality services and latest information on the area of expertise.



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